Pregnancy week by week.

Pregnancy week by week – week 12

Week 12


I am not going to post a bump picture this week, because lets be honest, you can’t even tell that I am showing at all at this point in my pregnancy.

The babies right now are about the size of limes (2 inches long, 14g in weight) both are moving and squirming around when my belly is touched.


The last time I had an ultrasound I was at 9w5d which is what is showing in the photo above. Baby A was moving around like crazy during it, and Baby B was relaxing. Both of their heart rates were 162 and 164. And growth and sizing looked good!

You could clearly see that my twins are in two separate sacs, and although the placenta(s) are not officially formed yet, I’m thinking and hoping that they will be Di/Di twins.

Although Di/Di means a lot more growing inside of me and taking up space, it lowers the risk of Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTS) drastically which was something I was worried about.

Weight gain? Maternity clothes?

I haven’t really noticed much of a weight gain, but some of my pants are uncomfortable while sitting. Not into the maternity clothing yet, but I have been living in my looser fitting work out type pants and yoga pants pretty well 98% of the time.

How am I feeling? Symptoms?

I have not really been sick at all throughout this entire pregnancy, just absolutely starving to the point where I feel like I am going to pass out if I don’t eat NOW… even though I just ate a full meal 30 minutes prior. I have been trying to eat as healthy as I can because of this and drinking as much water as I can.

One thing that has been concerning me is that I’ve been getting pretty steady cramping throughout the day. If it persists or gets worse I will be contacting my doctor just to make sure everything is okay.


I can’t feel any movement yet, but from the amount they were squirming around I feel some sore ribs coming on!


Not able to tell yet, but will definitely be finding out. I know it’s early but I have already been thinking about names!

What I miss!

Not going to lie, but I miss having a drink with dinner. And really REALLY miss raw sushi ☚ī¸đŸŖ.


I found out I am 100% in love with V8 drinks. I literally think of them and crave them 😋.

I also found out the hard way that I can no longer eat salted cashews. Let’s just say they aren’t down for very long.

Milestones! Big events!

Now that I have reached the 12th week of pregnancy the chance of miscarriage is significantly lowered, and although I still have the risk of losing one of my twins the chances are a bit lower.

Final Thoughts…

I really wish that everyone that wants to get pregnant can, and everyone that is pregnant enjoys their pregnancy… it really is quite an amazing change in your life. I never realized it before I got pregnant how much your mind set actually changes. And when you see those little blobs on the screen how amazing and full of life you feel. Although I am constantly nervous about having two to take care of, it is quite unbelievable that your body can make not just one, but two little humans (or more for some people!).

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