Pregnancy week by week.

Pregnancy Week by Week -Week 13

Week 13


Well there it is! My first picture of what will be quite the baby bump… sometime 😜. I’m hoping my genetics pay off and being 6 feet tall and pretty naturally lean (ish) I won’t get too too big!

This week is the last of my first trimester, and my babies are about the sizes of peaches, nearly 3 inches long, and 23 grams. It’s crazy to think how fast they start growing!


I did get another ultrasound this week as I was worried about all the cramping I was feeling.


I actually had to get an out of province ultrasound done because I have been working in Dawson Creek BC for the last little while. The ultrasound tech said everything to her looked okay so I was happy to hear that.

Both babies were squirmy as heck again and she kept commenting on how much they were moving! Hopefully it’s still a good sign! Baby B was doing a lot more moving than it was last time, and Baby A kept turning to face the wall or my back!

Weight gain? Maternity clothes?

Honestly I have not been weighing myself at all, I still feel pretty good and the size of my tummy is dependent on what I eat throughout the day. If I don’t manage to make a lunch I look huge, if I eat well I can’t really notice a difference from AM to PM.

How am I feeling? Symptoms?

Still feeling pretty good! I still feel crappy if I don’t maintain a relatively constant intake of food.

Ive still been feeling a lot of cramping but my doctor has told me that it’s just everything moving and adjusting, twice the amount, for the first time. I’ve been starting to work on some stretches and stay as active as I can at work and once I get home.


Nothing yet! Few more weeks I’m thinking!


Still way to early to tell! But still definitely finding out! I hate referring to them as it or calling them he’s or she’s by accident. Plus I’m seeing a ton of baby stuff I want to buy but can’t yet!

What I miss!

As selfish as it may sound, I miss just having to think about myself when it comes to what I want to eat or drink. It sucks when you have cravings for things but can’t have them! And I miss sleeping through the night without having to get up multiple times through then night.


Still craving V8s, actually drinking one right now haha!

And I am loving Broccoli anything, raw, cooked, broccoli soup.

Forgot to mention it last week, but this week was the first I could actually stomach a coffee, and for anyone that knows me from work knows I love my double doubles from Tims!

Milestones! Big Events!

Nothing really major this week! Starting to plan out the room and make lists on what I need for the beginning and what I can do without. I am lucky enough to have a massive family, with tons of young babies and as far as I know there aren’t any more babies to be born this year other than Hannah who was born about a month ago. And luckily I have two cousins with twins who are offering me tons of love and support just like most of my family!

Final Thoughts…

I really wish that my grandma was around to share all of this with! Her and I were super close and I know she would have been so excited I was going to have twins! She loved babies and I’m pretty sure her plan was to have as many Wynne related babies as possible.

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