Pregnancy week by week.

Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 14

IMG_1491Week 14

Well this is my first week in my second trimester and I’m hoping it goes well!  The babies are the size of lemons at about 3.5 inches long and 43g.


  No ultrasound this week! But hope I can get another one soon! I love watching them on the screen!

Weight gain? Maternity clothes?                        

I have really been living in my lulu lemons but they are just not cutting it too well these days. I drive most of the day for work and even my stretchy pants are putting too much strain on my belly. I can still go to dinner in my normal jeans though, I just undo the top button after I eat 😂.
How am I feeling? Symptoms?

I have still been feeling pretty good! There has been a nasty cold going around and I think I am starting to get it! Worst thing about getting sick while pregnant is not being able to take a lot of the over the counter medication.

Still have the cramping on and off, really hoping it goes away soon.

Still no movement. I had a friend push down on my abdomen lightly  the other day and thought they could feel a bit of movement. But probably just in his head!
What I miss!

I miss being able to shop and Know what size to get! I’m worried about ballooning in this trimester so I don’t really want to risk a waste of money!

Nothing new or different! Trying to eat as healthy as I can!
Milestones! Big Events!

I have started to “window shop” for different baby items and starting to gather a list of what I have been told I definitely need, and what I should be able to go without. Thinking about posting one before the babies get here, and then revising it once they are here!
Final Thoughts…

I am hoping that I am able to carry these babies as long as I can. I am starting to worry and research about premature babies and look into birthing and pre natal classes.

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