Pregnancy week by week.

Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 15

Week 15


This weeks blog post is a little bit delayed due to the flu from HELL 🤢🤒😵. Seriously, I thought I was going to die it was so bad. Bad enough I ended up texting and calling my mom who has a 2 hour time difference to see what I should do 😂. Guess it is true you never truly grow up enough to not need your mom when your sick.  I ended up going to the hospital worried about the babies conditions with possible dehydration and I could feel my skin starting to burn up.  The doctors in at the Redwater Alberta hospital helped me out right away and within half an hour of admittance I was hooked up to an IV for fluids and nausea prevention. This all definitely really helped me out.  I was discharged within a few hours and now I’m just taking it easy and trying to get my strength back and get these babies growing!

Babies growth! 

This week the babies are both about the size of small apples/oranges. They’re about 4 inches long, and 70 grams each! I finally got my results back from my ultrasound a few weeks ago and both babies are pretty much identical in size and heart beats per minute are 162 and 164. The doctor had said that baby B’s placenta is a bit lower than baby A’s but that it’s pretty normal at this stage due to lack of room inside me. B’s placenta is not low enough that it’s covering my cervix or is in any danger which is great to know!

No ultrasound this week but I am going to be booking a 3D ultrasound next week to find out their genders!! 

How am I feeling? Symptoms?

With the flu that I have had I have felt pretty crappy! Not much for appetite or that I can stomach. Hoping in the next week this goes away and I can finally eat again 🤤

Weight gain? 

Anyone else’s baby bump seem to really fluctuate? I tend to take all my photos in the morning on the same day every week and I find I looked bigger a few weeks ago than I do now! I have been eating pretty healthy and trying to drink as much water as possible. I have also been working on stretches and some simple prenatal workouts. I used to work out all the time, weight lifting, cardio, horseback riding and yoga were my favourites but I have slowed down a bit in the last few years working out west. So I am not pushing myself super hard but I know what my limits are as well.


No movement yet but soon I am sure! From time to time my uterus gets pretty hard which is kind of a funny feeling to me.

Milestones! Big Events!

The babies are developing their external genitals this week! Although, if they’re boys they already have their testes and if they’re girls they already have ovaries with eggs or their own inside them! They no longer look like aliens and are becoming more human like. Their head to body ratio is starting to change so they don’t look like giant alien heads with tiny bodies, their ears are now on the sides of their heads and

Final thoughts…

The job I was on for the last few weeks has ended up in Dawson Creek British Columbia so I am back down around Edmonton Alberta until I can head home. It has been getting a bit tiresome and difficult to be bouncing around in a giant tri drive truck all day, getting my boots stuck in the mud, climbing up and down the truck and trying to eat healthy enough all day to sustain myself for 12 hours. I have had a few doctors suggest I take a sick leave from work to maintain my health and the babies health. Although I wanted to work for another few weeks work is getting short here with spring breakup (when the ground is too soft to work with and move equipment around) and it may be smarter for me to start my leave now and start getting ready to head home to Ontario.

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