Pregnancy week by week.

Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 16

Week 16 

Well this week has been quite the adventure and quite a bit has changed! At my last doctors appointment we had a discussion about how work was going and I told him how difficult work was starting to get. Sitting in a vehicle for hours a day, having to climb in and out of such a high vehicle multiple times as well as lug equipment around through mud, snow and ice was getting to be too risky. Paired with not being able to properly eat and maintain my health by living in hotels in various towns was also definitely not helping. He agreed with my worries and I have since been able to take a medical leave of absence. I was hoping to get another month or so of work but our health is 100% more important.

I chose to continue with this journey when I was not with anyone after some pretty serious consideration. Once I made my decision I knew I could handle everything that was to come ahead of these babies and I, with or without anyone else in my life. But since my decision, a man I had dated for the last two years and I have decided to get back together. We had always wanted kids and I loved his now 5 year old son. When I had found out we were pregnant we had been on and off again for a while, both of us had moved on and met other people but neither worked out and neither of us could get the other one off our minds.  Even though we did have our differences we always ended up making up with one another, and I think our time apart really instilled the realization that we wanted to make our relationship work.

He is an absolutely amazing dad and as much as it bugs me that its not the other way around; babies just love him! Any time we are anywhere with our friends kids he ends up holding them and I have yet to see a little one protest him. With me on the other hand we usually just stare at each other with me thinking about how ridiculously crazy its going to be having TWO of them.

Sam and I have decided to purchase a place back in Ontario where we both have family and he will just be travelling back and forth to Alberta for work. Hopefully he will be able to bring his son with him from time to time so he can meet the twins!

Once I received the go ahead to leave work began the preparation for travel back to Ontario. If you follow me on instagram (Wynnewithtwins) you would have seen the route Sam and I chose to take across Canada for the last time (for now).  This was the tenth time I have made the trip between Ontario and Alberta and let me tell you, it does NOT get any faster!  The trip was about 3566km in total and took us a total of 38 hours in drive time, and 48 hours in total. We ended up sleeping in my truck just inside the manitoba border, and again around Wawa Ontario for a few hours each night. There was a small doe hit in Manitoba and about 12 hours of fog and rain throughout the bulk of Ontario.

It definitely worked out that we left earlier than later, doing that drive any more pregnant would have been pure hell. Stopping every couple hours for a roadside pee, sleeping in a truck thats packed full, no showering and wearing the same clothes for 48 hours straight definitely got old again quick. My belly was hard and cramped up and I don’t think the babies appreciated the constant movement from the truck.  For anyone that is thinking about a long road trip while pregnant, I will be making a post about travel essentials while pregnant!


I have my 3D booked in town next week! Finally get to find out what these babies are! I already have a few names picked out but would love to be able to think about it with specific genders in mind!

Weight gain/Maternity clothes.


Height: 6′  Pre-pregnancy weight: 160lbs

Week 16 weight: 166 lbs

In total I have only gained 6 pounds, my clothing still fits except for the waist bands of my pants.  I did end up breaking down and buying some maternity clothes from Motherhood. I went in for one pair of pants and came out with three shirts, a pair of capris, jeans and a long skirt with the sales going on 😂.

I have been religiously putting on my Mama Mio tummy rub and Boob tube and so far no stretch marks! And no linea nigra either.

Health and Diet.

I had about a week off between when my last job ended and when we headed home after Jacks 5th birthday so I tried to make the most of my time and made some appointments I usually never have time for. I was able to go for my first pre natal massage ( Amazing!) and I was able to see a naturopath as well.  I had wanted to make sure I was providing everything necessary to the babies and until I could see my actual prenatal doctor I thought a naturopath doctor would be a good choice! She ended up putting me on cytomatrix prenatal vitamin, nutrasea DHA, Acidophilus and magnesium.


The prenatal has more b vitamins and iron than the one I was taking. DHA for neurological development of the babes, as well as cardiovascular, brain health, joint health, muscle repair/recovery and healthy skin (hopefully prevent stretch marks!) for me. Magnesium for the muscle cramping I’ve been experiencing. And acidophilus to heal my gut bacteria from being sick as well as prevent allergies, asthma and eczema in the babes. It will also create a healthy gut culture for them. She gave me some good ideas for things to add to my diet as well although I do pretty well when I have access to my own kitchen.


I have been feeling some little jabs here and there but it’s still light enough that I’m not sure if it’s in my head or actually happening. Sam did get to feel them one day though although I didn’t feel them myself.

My 16th week has been hectic but good! I’m happy to be home and start this next chapter of life!


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