Pregnancy week by week.

Pregnancy Week by Week- Week 17

Week 17

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 2.21.16 PMMy Belly is starting to pop more every week it seems like! The worst thing about this stage is that everywhere we go I can tell people are looking at me as if they’re
wondering if I am just belly chubby, or if I am pregnant.
The boyfriend usually makes sure to make it obvious that there are not only one but two babies in me.


The most exciting part of this week was finally finding out what we are having! The ultrasound tech was a little bit unsure of Baby B but confirmed Baby A right away. We opted for a 3D ultrasound at UC baby in Ottawa, Ontario for a more definite answer on the genders of these little peanuts! The best part was seeing them move around together, Baby B kicking at Baby A. This is my 4th ultrasound already and its amazing to see them move and interact with each other. It seems as though one is always asleep while the other is active.

We both agreed to wait to do an official gender reveal until I am a little further along and we get all the supplies in order for it!

Weight gain? Maternity clothes?

It is now official that the waist bands on the majority of my pants no longer fit. I have been doing the ol’ elastic trick so I can still wear them but its definitely getting frustrating. The only good thing is that I still haven’t gained weight anywhere else other than my belly so other than the waist bands of my pants everything still fits! If you are currently pregnant and haven’t gotten one yet, Ingrid & Isabel Bellabands are a life saver! I wear mine if I am wearing a pre-pregnancy shirt to cover that little gap in between, to help keep my pants in place or sometimes I even pull it up over my bra to look like I am wearing an undershirt if I am wearing a low cut tank top.

How am I feeling? Symptoms?

Relatively good! It has been a bit of an adjustment getting back to doing all the farm chores but I am happy to stay busy. I have found that the biggest key for me is to take my time, there is no reason to rush so I may as well take my time as my body gets used to all the movements again. I was finally able to ride for the first time this week as well! It felt great to get back on my gelding and he was the perfect gentleman. I was hoping I would maybe be able to compete while pregnant but I think I will have to just stick with riding recreationally until after the babes are here. 


I have been feeling a bit of kicks here and there but still nothing definite or consistent! I felt them for the first time while I was half asleep when we were driving back home, and this week Sam had happened to just touch my stomach at the exact moment as one (or both) of the twins fluttering!


We finally found out!!! Can NOT wait to announce it!! 


No longer have a craving for V8s, and really haven’t been craving anything. I also do not have any aversions really either. I find some days I crave junk food, and others I  crave vegetables, fruit and yogurt. 


Final Thoughts…

This week was definitely more low key when compared to last! This was my last week with my boyfriend as he flew back to Alberta on Friday for work. While he is gone I will be starting our search for houses that meet the criteria we are looking for. We have our perfect place in mind, now it is just finding it!

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