Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband

I recently posted a portion of this review on my Instagram page (@Wynnewithtwins) but wanted to post a more thorough review.

Ingrid and Isabel Bellabands are a complete lifesaver! Especially when you are in that in between stage of pregnancy. You know, where you kinda-sorta still fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes, but you aren’t big enough to wear all maternity clothing yet so you’re not really sure what to wear because nothing fits properly.

I currently have an XS white one and wear it a couple different ways. I actually bought it years ago when I worked at a second hand children store. Pre-pregnancy I wore it to look like I was wearing an undershirt. Now, I find that it is perfect when used to cover the gap between your top and your bottoms. It is also designed for use with pre pregnancy pants that may have to go unbuttoned. The way it is worn lets it simply looks like you are wearing an undershirt.


I also wear mine over my bra if I have a shirt that is somewhat see-through but long enough to cover the waist band of my pants, or if my shirt is looking a little to provocative with my pregnancy boobs.

There are a few styles available; the original (like mine), the basic (a shorter version) and  the lace (original with lace on bottom for a feminine look). There are also a number of sizes and colours available. They are meant to grow with you, I bought my XS as a teenager and it has fit up to 19 weeks pregnant and I think it will last a little longer!

My bellaband has definitely guaranteed itself as a staple in my wardrobe. It is easy enough to pair with any outfit, comfortable to wear and easy to use. It also offers some extra support to my little pregnancy belly and I imagine I will wear it post-pregnancy as well.

They also have a line of maternity clothing, and post pregnancy support bands that I will be looking into purchasing!

I bought this product myself. All opinions remain my own. 

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