Mama Mio

I had read about Mama Mio products when I first found out I was pregnant on a couple of different blogs actually.  After exploring their website I decided to order the Second Trimester Bundle. This bundle included the Tummy Rub Butter, Pregnancy Boob Tube, Daily Cleanser and a bonus sample sized Nipple cream. My order came within a few weeks in a cute, neatly packaged box.


The Tummy Rub Butter

I have heard that technically nothing that can 100% guarantee the prevention of stretch marks as there are many factors that play a part including genetics, diet, lifestyle and skin type.  But I would say so far so good with using the Tummy rub. I am now at 19 weeks of pregnancy and no stretch marks to be seen (knock on wood!). I typically lightly apply the cream three times a day; morning, afternoon and before bed. In conjunction with trying to drink as much water as possible, my skin seems perfectly moisturized, soft and healthy!

The butter is a thick cream, that has a high content of Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids, Shea butter, Rose Hip Oil and Argan oil. These ingredients work together to increase your skins elasticity, moisture retention, and overall health.

Pregnancy Boob Tube

The boob Tube helps promote elasticity and skin strength to your breasts and overall chest area. Before starting to use this product I found I had sore breasts pretty well every day. After starting to use it, my breasts seem to be more ‘perky’ and my skin soft and healthy feeling. I apply it pretty well from the neck down to underneath my breasts. I also apply on my sides and around the back.

The Boob tube bust cream is high in omegas, antioxidants and green cabbage extract.  Green cabbage extract is great for the tone and texture of your skin, and high in Vitamins A and E helping to keep skin healthy.

Gorgeous Glow Facial Wash

I have replaced my previous every day face wash with mama mio’s and I honestly look forward to using it in my shower. I absolutely love the smell, and the fresh feeling I get from it. I was never hugely prone to acne, but I have noticed I have not had one pimple, blackhead or blemish since starting to use the face wash. Before using this product I used to have to heavily moisturize my face after a shower otherwise I would get that dry, tight feeling and the unsightly flaky skin as it dried out. I find that now I can go without moisturizing my face after my showers.

The wash is full of great ingredients for your skin including Tea Tree, Green Tea Leaf, Antioxidants, Coconut cleansers, Omegas and vitamins for a healthy, bright complexion.

Keep Calm Nipple Balm

I received this as a promotion when I purchased the second trimester bundle and although I have not needed to use it yet I know I will be! It is safe to use while nursing and contains medical grade lanolin, organic coconut, olive oil and shea butter.


I absolutely love the mama mio products, and I believe that they are worth every penny spent. There is quite the immense line of not only pregnancy products but other healthy and beauty products as well. They have also conveniently organized different packages (like my second trimester bundle) that offer some great options. Their products are free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, hormone mimickers, and petrolatum.  Many of their ingredients are also organic. Their company is committed to the health of their buyers and their nipple and breast creams all state that they are safe for baby and mom and are safe to use while nursing.

You can find more information at


I purchased this product myself. All opinions are my own. 

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