Pregnancy week by week.

Pregnancy Week by Week- Week 18 and Week 19

I am going to combine weeks 18 and 19 as they pretty well run together and there were no big changes. Plus I forgot to take a week 19 photo anyways!

In weeks 18 and 19 the babies are about 5.5 – 6 inches long each, about the size of a bell pepper, a large tomato or a can of pop. Each are still shy of a pound, but their nervous systems are starting to fine tune their development and soon they will be able to hear, feel, sense light and taste what I am eating. They’ve started swallowing, their lungs are using amniotic fluid to practice breathing, and their kidneys are producing urine! They’ve started to grow hair, which I’m hoping mine will have a lot of like I do! In week 19 they are covered with the vernix caseosa which pretty well protects them from pickling like your fingers do when you’re in the bath too long. They will still have this covering them most likely when they do choose to enter the world.


Dealing with long distance…

Well, the first full week without the boyfriend was definitely a change! Long distance relationships are always hard, even harder when all these changes are happening to me and he doesn’t get to see it! Luckily enough, Sam is still super supportive and actually a great person to talk to about all my worries and the changes we’re going through. He has been able to day dream with me about our lives, help me with names, calm me down when I get worked up over little things and I’ve been able to help him with his own “homesickness”.

Weight Gain?

Not too much at this point to be honest, I am still all baby!  From here on out I think I will start to steadily gain, these babies are growing so much it seems like every morning it is more noticeable.  Lucky enough I still do not have any stretch marks showing! Hopefully the mama mio tummy rub and staying hydrated will pay off! I did take my belly button ring out over these last two weeks to make sure the hole didn’t stretch out too much.

Pre-pregnancy weight: 160lbs

Week 16: 166lbs

Week 18: 167lbs

How am I feeling? Symptoms?

Still feeling relatively good! It has been nice able to get out to the barn every day and stay active. My doctor has told me it’s okay to keep riding but to keep it within reason,  I guess this means no barrel racing or roping 😜. Not that I could anyways, it’s so weird riding with the bit of a belly I have that I feel as though I have to hold it. Not that it hurts or anything like that, but it definitely does feel strange when your body starts to change!!

I have been taking it easy while I do chores, and have been using it as a strength, stretching and meditation process as silly as that may sound. I am able to get out and get some healthy exercise, spend some quality time with all my animals and just able to breathe some fresh air and think positive thoughts.

My chores consist of three types of beneficial activity. Strength and arobic activity while moving hay bales, feed bags, cleaning stalls and water buckets around twice a  day for morning and evening feeds.

Stretching movements while cleaning stalls and stretching both sides of my abdominal muscles. And honestly this actually has helped a lot with round ligament strength and I believe has helped keep my upper through to lower abdominal muscles and pelvic muscles toned as I can feel all of them working just doing a simple movement such as the side to side while cleaning stalls

And meditation in that it is extremely calming to just forget about whatever issues you may be going through at the moment and to take care and observe the animals and land that is around you. Even just brushing the horses after I bring them in, or the simple sounds of them eating their hay and moving around in their stalls.          The other day it had started raining while I was out in the barn and I just decided to sit on the step and watch everything around me. The two dogs playing with each other getting covered in wet grass and mud.  The infamous ‘frakenlarry’ our rough looking Alberta barn tom cat curling up with me, purring away. The horses calmly eating their hay and peanut reaching his head over to blow on me, checking out what I was doing. It sounds so simple but so serene, the sweet smell of hay, horse feed and the horses themselves. It’s a strange feeling of bliss that anyone who has had the pleasure of loving horses has experienced, and those that haven’t are sorely missing out on.  I sat there for ten minutes or so, no cell phone, no facebook, snap chat or texting. Feeling my babies lightly kick and roll around, thinking of how it’s going to be next spring to sit in the same spot and have the two little ones with me.


Starting to feel them more and more every day! Baby B still loves to beat up my ribs, and Baby A starting to enjoy punching my bladder as well. It is funny how when thinking about being pregnant it seems so unworldly to have movement from inside but when it starts to happen regularly it is so exciting and quickly just becomes natural.


Can’t wait to confirm and announce!!

What I miss? Dealing with Change.

It is definitely difficult to conform to changes in your life. I know I have had my fair share of days where I have had enough of being away from my SO, stressing about money and payments, house shopping and getting everything in place for the twins. Staying busy has definitely helped, whether it’s outside work, cleaning and organizing rooms in the house, binge watching Netflix or reading some of the various books I’ve come to collect lately. Hopefully time will allow me to settle and get into a healthy and happy new groove.

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