Pregnancy week by week.

Pregnancy Week by Week-Week 20

Week 20

This week I was able to go to my anatomy ultrasound… finally! This ultrasound shows the growth and development of each fetus and to make sure that they are both growing properly. In total it took about an hour and 45 minutes for the tech to complete each measurement and the doctor was happy with the growth of each baby. They also confirmed what we were told at the 3D ultrasound in regards to gender! It has been amazing to see the babies so often and developing so much, watching them already interact with each other.

The babies are about 10 ounces, which is just over half a pound each! They’re about 6.5 inches long and the size of a small coconut or cantaloupe. They have started to develop meconium as their digestive systems begin to gear up for birth. They have finally grown to have their arms and legs in proportion.

Weight gain? Maternity clothes?

I am pretty well stuck with wearing maternity clothing or loose fitting pyjamas and comfy pants just because if the waist band. I was surprised that I actually still fit into my Miss Me size 27 jeans!  I just wear my Bella band with them to cover the gap. Most of my shirts fit but show a bit a belly.

Pre- pregnancy: 160 lbs.

Week 16: 166lbs

Week 18: 167lbs

Week 20: 171lbs

How am I feeling? Symptoms?

I have been feeling still pretty good. I have been sleeping fine although it is kind of strange sleeping without Sam. And it sucks getting up a couple times a night to go to the bathroom.

More and more every day! More so just little pops here and there, and my ribs are still killing me periodically on the back right side. There is no other explaination for the pain other than the way one of the babes is positioned. I was worried about preeclampsia as I read one of the signs is pain on the right side by the ribs but my blood pressure has been perfect so far ruling out that possibility for now.

Special concerns 

Twin pregnancies are more susceptible to problems throughout the gestation which can lead to pre-term labour, miscarriage, vanishing twin, and other health issues.  All twin pregnancies are considered high risk just with the fact of the extra fetus, toll on the body, and a higher chance of developing pregnancy complications. Some conditions pre-eclampsia, gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes and anemia among others.

A cause of pre-eclampsia is when the blood vessels that feed the placenta are developed improperly. Symptoms may not be noticeable until 20 weeks and after. According to the Mayo Clinic, blood pressure that exceeds 140/90mmHg is considered abnormal. This can occur either suddenly or over a period of time. Some other signs can be protein in the urine, decreased urine output and upper abdominal pain especially on the right side. Regular prenatal visits are essential for monitoring changes such as this.

General gestational hypertension is also caused by high blood pressure but without the excess protein in your urine. This develops earlier that pre-eclampsia but may lead to it.  There is a lot of information available online about these risks, I found the Mayo Clinic to be very informative. If you are worried, make sure to contact your pre natal doctor or obstetrician.

Identical twin pregnancies are considered more high risk, mainly because they share the same placenta and amniotic sac. A condition can arise called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome or TTS. This occurs when one twin can receives more nutrients via excess blood being shunted to one twin than the other twin. This can result in a growth and development difference. Although this is only supposed to occur in about 15% of identical twin pregnancies it can result in birth defects, losing one twin (vanishing twin), removal of excess amniotic fluid and may require bed rest/hospitalization and possibly early induction to help keep the babies healthy (

Can’t wait to reveal!!

No real differences with my diet, I do love my virgin Caesars. I have been having some really bad heartburn so I try to limit my intake of acidic foods. I still haven’t pin pointed exactly what foods trigger the heartburn. I’m able to make due just keeping some tums or milk on hand.

Final Thoughts…

I am finally half way through this pregnancy for a singleton pregnancy. Knowing that in less than twenty weeks I will be holding our little bears!

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