Pregnancy week by week.

Pregnancy Week by Week- Week 22

Well this is the week was the first of two reveals to our friends and family! As we have not yet told them that I am expecting twins, or their genders. I am still in Alberta with Sam for another couple weeks and even though there really is not much to do through the day while he is at work it is nice being able to spend the nights with him again. We started the week out by revealing that we were having twins to all of our extended family and friends that didn’t know yet. There were a few that we had told, or had found my instagram page Wynnewithtwins, but many didn’t know yet. The support that piled in from many people was great! And it has definitely been much easier not having to be careful when I am talking about my pregnancy not to slip up.

Baby Development

At this stage in pregnancy your baby is starting to push about 1 pound, and their features are starting to look a little less alien. They’re covered with a thin hair all over their bodies, some of which may still be visible when they are born. They are still wrinkly as they haven’t started to put on fat yet, but soon they will start growing quickly.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 1.04.29 PM

How Am I feeling?

My heartburn has been slowly and steadily getting worse as the days go by. It seems to only happen in the evening and over night and I still haven’t found which foods trigger it.

My belly is starting to pop now!

The waking up through the night has definitely gotten old fast. And now I find I am not able to get back to sleep, so I end up being awake from 1am to sometimes 3 or 4am, which is when it pretty well starts getting light out in Alberta. Some nights I have tried to stay up later to see if that helps, which it doesn’t, and if I go to bed earlier, I just wake up earlier. Really hoping this is just a stage and will pass!

Final Thoughts

Loving my time here in Alberta again, but still find myself missing home. On the other hand, when I am in Ontario, I am missing Alberta like crazy. I’ve said it before, that I wish Alberta and Ontario were beside each other and only required even a ten hour drive instead of the 34 it is now. I am really starting to wonder how this will all work out once the babies are here. I would rather live in Ontario, but I need to work in Alberta to make ends meet so some difficult decisions may be ahead of us.


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