Pregnancy week by week.

Pregnancy Week by Week- Week 24


Well the flight this time around SUCKED. I ended up having to rush to catch my flight as it had boarded early, then I had to cram into a small crowded row beside two bigger ladies for my window seat. Then the plane was surprisingly hot (probably because I had to wear all of the clothing that was bigger and bulkier so I could fit everything in the small carry on) and there were some screaming kids that kept kicking the back of my seat. I was also extremely emotional from saying goodbye to Sam (damn pregnancy hormones), which did not make anything easier. By the time I got off the plane I was sore, cramped up, and bitchy to say the least. I will post my Flying while Pregnant post shortly with a little more detail on this! I was lucky enough to have a friend offer to pick me up at the airport, but I had to wait a couple hours for her to get off work, so that meant more sitting in semi-comfortable chairs plus the 3-hour drive home. All in all I ended up travelling for 13 hours from the time we left the house in Alberta, to the time I got to my house in Ontario! Talk about a long day!!

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 8.22.49 PM

My cousins’ wedding was the next day, the first wedding of the season! I had ordered a few dresses from motherhood maternity that I tried on in Edmonton that I had shipped to my house and was able to get the twins and I all dressed up for the day! I even managed to wear my favorite heels for most of the day, until my legs started to ache and I switched into my cowboy boots. I do find though that my belly aches quite a bit when I am in the same position (such as sitting) for an extended period of time. The extra stimulation of the music and commotion also ended up making me feel extremely tired by the end of the night, and I was elected DD so I was drinking a bit more caffeine than I normally would to make the drive home.


Doctors Appointments/ Ultrasounds

Both of the babes look great on the ultrasound, and my prenatal doctor has said everything looks to be on track! During my ultrasounds the babes move around and flip positions quite a bit, but they do seem to stick to their vertical sides, and I have not seen them flip to transverse yet. My doctors’ appointments are pretty quick and straightforward luckily! There seems to be SO many of them and I know there are only more that are going to be added to my weekly schedule in the months to come.


Baby Development

The Babies are continuously putting on more and more size and length! Generally they are almost a foot long by this time, and have put on an extra third of a pound in a week! All of their organs are in high gear for developing, including their brains, taste buds and lungs!

Because they are putting so much effort into developing everything internally, they still are not putting on much fat yet, and are still wrinkly compared to how they will come out!

Baby Movement

These two babes are getting stronger and stronger by the day, but I generally only feel them around bedtime once I lie down for the day.


Weight Gain

Pre-Pregnancy: 160lbs

Week 16: 166lbs

Week 18: 167lbs

Week 20: 171lbs

Week 24: 174lbs

Total weight gain: 14lbs



I am starting to get a bit anxious to get everything set for when these babies come! I have started putting together lists of things I want or need to feel really ready! I will post a list in a separate post though.


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