I am a 24 year old soon to be mother of IMG_1451twins! This is my first attempt at blogging so bare with me if it’s a bit of a rough start!

I spend my time equally between Ontario, Canada (born and raised) and Alberta, Canada (where I have worked for the last 4 years). I work as a Hydrovac operator which requires me have a class 3 (DZ) licence and drive an 18speed truck! I work mostly on pipeline and industrial sites in rural Alberta and British Columbia but have worked in residential areas in Edmonton and Toronto as well!

I have definitely worked by butt off out here, and everything I own I was able to get for myself! But this also requires me to work about 70 hours a week away from home in all types of weather, all year round.

I have two dogs, Lucy and Shade. And two IMG_1452horses that I barrel race with, Bug and Peanut.  My main hobbies include riding, rodeo, hunting and fishing. I love being able to spend my time outdoors, and actually really like just being alone with my animals or nature in general. I really hope to be able to instil a natural lifestyle in my children and that they grow up to appreciate all nature has to offer and learn the value of farm work.

On top of my animals and loving the farm life, I have a passion for photography, and a fit and holistic life style. I enjoy teaching and learning equally.

My hopes for this blog is to create a great dynamic for other first time moms, first time twin moms and first time moms with twins!